Generating a profit in any business is about more than just numbers. When profits aren’t rising the way we want, we have to look beyond the numbers, but typically we change the process and if that doesn’t work we change out the people.

What nobody is talking about is changing the person – and how that change can create progress and ultimately prosperity all around… not just profits.

When we change the person, not just the process or focus on only profits, we create progress, and ultimately we all prosper.

There are no “easy” buttons to change this way of thinking… but there is a way to change it. It starts with an alignment of values and mission and it continues with ongoing clear communication, empathy, and understanding. This might sound like therapy for a marriage, but it applies to your business much more than you can imagine and it DIRECTLY affects your bottom line. In fact, Christy Stratton has developed PROVEN PROGRAMS to help you repair the mismatch in values and friction in communication to experience significantly increased productivity, a much more positive work environment (company-wide) and of course, greater profitability.

Why Hire Christy

Christy will customize every presentation around real data from your organization – data she will collect in pre-presentation interviews with actual attendees, discovery calls with your top team leaders, and her own research into the industry. You can rest assured that you will be getting exactly the content your people need to grow, change, and prosper.

Christy’s been there, as a part of some of the largest companies in the real estate industry. She understands the business. Most importantly she knows what it takes to help you build a collaborative culture that will ultimately help boost profits and improve customer service. She works with your company to inspire action and is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Christy has been leading successful teams for over 20 years… and that doesn’t even count the experience she has teaching other organizations how to communicate more effectively. With the experience she brings to the table, you can rest assured that she knows how to get your team to communicate better, use that to increase profitability, and leave you in better shape than she found you.

Christy doesn’t believe in being boring – her presentations are infused with personality, humor, and attention-holding stories. Plus, she’ll work to involve your team in every aspect of their time
with her – from interactive exercises to Q&A sessions where they can dig deeper for more information. Because investing in information doesn’t do any good unless your team is actually paying attention.

Christy is available to you and your team for any follow-up you may need. Does someone on your team need a follow-up coaching session to solidify what they’ve learned? Christy will be there. Do you want to create handouts or notes for your team so they can take information back to their daily lives? Christy has you covered.

She won’t just disappear from your view at the end of the day-she’s a true partner in your success.

Christy’s communication practices work at every level in your organization – from the C-Suite to the receptionist. From sales to customer service. Superior communication is at the backbone of any well-run organization, and Christy is here to help everyone in your company excel.

An accomplished twenty-year leader in new home building and residential real estate, Christy’s energetic and results-generating style combined with her expertise will transform your employees from one with a ME perspective to a WE perspective.

Featured Presentations

People Paradigm

People, Not Profits, Produce Progress

When your employees have ownership over the process, they’re more invested in the outcome. This customizable program will have your people finally progressing TOGETHER. Your teams will:

  • Leave with awareness and real-life examples of what discourages people so they can avoid these scenarios and keep everyone motivated.
  • Engage in a powerful exercise that solves the disconnect between company values and employee values – they’ll be aware of their values and connect/engage with the company’s values. This helps your people find their own personal investment in what the company is doing.
  • Discover how to make choosing action a habit because motivation and intention will only get them so far, eventually habit takes over. From this point forward, your group of action-takers will be more productive than they ever have been before.
  • Understand the difference in perspective through improved communication which will positively impact workflow and dramatically impact your bottom line.

Connections are the New Currency

Taking Down Walls to Build New Ones

This program is perfect for professionals wanting to improve their relationships with clients and customers. This is where you’ll learn to consistently deliver better customer service, receive better ratings, and increase revenue. Your audience will learn:

  • How to build true and lasting connections with clients and customers.
  • How to develop deeper empathy for customers – learn how listening can lead to building a relationship.
  • Speak to understand vs. be understood.
  • How they can harness their newfound empathy and change the way they interact with customers to improve customer service.

Discover How to Create Progress and Profitability Through Powerful People Practices™

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